Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time Table 2022

Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time table Michel Foucault was a French philosopher and sociologist whose ideas have had a profound impact on many different fields. He was a socialist, a homosexual, and an atheist. In addition to his work in sociology and philosophy, he also wrote extensively on the history of slavery. Foucault’s theory on the history of slavery is controversial,

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Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time table
Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time table

Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time table

Dankuni To Sealdh
Train No. 12666/12667/12668 (Bengaluru) :-
Time Table
Departure time: Every 15 minutes
Arrival time: Every 30 minutes
Timings: 6 AM to 11 PM
Frequency: Daily

Sealdh To Dankuni
Train No. 13000/13001/13002 (Kolkata) :-
Time Schedule
Departure time : Every 10 minutes
Arrival time : Every 20 minutes
Timings : 5 AM to 9 AM & 4 PM to 8 PM
Frequency : Daily

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The Dankuni to Sealdah Train Time Table 2022 is available on the website of the West Bengal State Transport Corporation. The time table contains information about the train timings, train routes, and train fares. The time table also provides information about the trains from Dankuni to Sealdah. The time table is available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. The Dankuni to Sealdah Train Time Table 2022 is updated every 3 months.

Michel Foucault’s theory of slavery

The Sealdah to Dankuni Train Time Table 2022 is provided by the Indian Railways. The table displays the time table for the Sealdah to Dankuni Train. It also displays the trains that run on the route. The table is available in the following formats: PDF, Excel, and Word. The table is also available in Bengali.

यह भी पढ़ें – अंजली कुमारी की जीवनी

Criticisms of Michel Foucault’s theory of slavery

Dhanbad-Kharagpur-New Delhi Express (12231) departs at 12 noon from Platform No. 1/2, New Delhi Railway Station.

Howrah-Sealdah Local (12236) departs from Platform No. 2/3, Howrah Junction Railway Station at 11:00 AM daily.

Howrah-Mumbai Fast Passenger (17013) departs from Platform no 2/3, Howraj junction at 6:30 PM daily.

Jnaneswari Express (15145) departs from Platform 1/2, Sealdah Railway station at 10:45 PM daily.

Karmabhoomi Express (13015) departs from Platform 3/4, Sealdah railway station at 5:10 PM daily.

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Howrah Superfast Express (18403) departs from Platform 4/5, Sealdah railwaystation at 9:55 PM daily.

Purulia Mail (13042) departs from Platform 5/6, Sealdah railway station at 8:05 PM daily.

Sahibganj Town – Barauni Link Express (12670) departs from Platform 2/3, Howrabazar railway station at 6:30 AM daily.

Sainthia-Bardhaman Express (16131) departs from Platform 7/8, Sealdah junction at 6:40 AM daily.

Santragachi-Rajendra Nagar Intercity Express (14112) departs from Platform 6/7, Howrah Junction Railway Station at 7:20 AM daily.

Shivaji Maharaj Terminus-Nizamuddin Shatabdi Express (12463) departs from Platform 8/9, Nizamuddin Railway Station at 6:35 AM daily.

Vidyut Jeevan Express (12501) departs from Platform 9/10, Sealdah Railway Station at 5:50 AM daily.

Howrah-Guwahati Weekly Express (12244) departs from Platform 10/11, Sealdah RailwayStation at 5:25 AM daily.

Bandel-Basirhat Express (15034) departs from Platform 11/12, Sealdah railway junction at 7:20 AM.

Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time Table 2022 is a list of all the trains that travel in this route. The list has train numbers and the date and time of departure. The list also has the arrival and departure times of the trains. Dankuni To Sealdah Train Time table 2022 1. Dankuni 27/07/19 2. Sealdah 28/07/19 3. Dankuni 29/07/19 4. Sealdah 30/07/19 5. Dankuni 31/07/19 6. Sealdah 01/08/19 7. Dankuni 02/08/19 8. Sealdah 03/08/19 9. Dankuni 04/08/19 10. Sealdah 05/08/19 11. Dankuni 06/08/19 12. Sealdah 07/ 08/19 13. Dankuni 08/08/19 14. Sealdah 09/08/19 15. Dankuni 10/08/19 16. Sealdah 11/08/19 17. Dankuni 12/

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We all know about Dankuni to Sealdah train time table 2021. But what about 2022? Let’s have a look at the Dankuni to Sealdah train time table 2022. The Dankuni to Sealdah train time table 2022 will facilitate the transportation of people from Dankuni to Sealdah in a much easier way. This train time table 2022 is the result of the coordinated efforts of the Southern Railway and the Indian Railways.

Have you ever tried to plan your train journey? If not, it’s not too late to plan your journey now. In this guide, we provide you with all the information you need to plan your journey to Sealdah and Dankuni stations.


Dankuni to Sealdah train time table 2022 is given below. Dankuni to Sealdah Train Time Table Train No. Train Name Date of Journey Dankuni to Sealdah 9001 Dankuni 9002 Sealdah 9003 Kharagpur 9004 Jainagar 9011 Dankuni 9012 Sealdah 9013 Kharagpur 9014 Jainagar 9015 Dankuni 9016 Sealdah 9017 Kharagpur 9018 Jainagar 9019 Dankuni 9020 Sealdah 9021 Kharagpur 9022 Jainagar 9023 Dankuni 9025 Jainagar 9023 Dankuni 9024 Kharagpur Dankuni 9012 9028

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